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The top free-to-play game publisher gPotato is ecstatic to present its latest project, science fantasy MMORPG Sevencore, for the American market! Developed from a crew of industry experts at newly established studio Noria, Sevencore delivers exhilarating mounted fights as well as in depth personaliz...
Thursday, Aug 25th, 2011 5901 views
Acony recently declared that their innovative AAA F2P FPS game Hedone will be stepping into closed beta on August 24th! Hedone was developed by FPS fanatics with the idea of providing a game showing the high quality of a top dollar game title totally free. Hedone complies with all of the demands exp...
Friday, Aug 19th, 2011 7120 views
Coming from the creators of World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, announces its latest free to play naval warfare MMO World of Battleships based upon legendary sea fights in the twentieth century which will finish the "World of" war series. Preserving the right traditions from the ser...
Thursday, Aug 18th, 2011 6675 views
Gamigo, RealU and dtp entertainment has unveiled Otherland, an upcoming free to play action MMORPG in line with the virtual reality novels by top selling writer Tad Williams scheduled for release in 2012. Your quest through Otherland will take you to awe-inspiring and everchanging worlds, full of su...
Tuesday, Aug 16th, 2011 6035 views
Codemasters has announced that their new upcoming Formula One racing game F1 Online: The Game will be a free to play online browser game at the start of 2012. The online racing game will offer gamers the opportunity to become a racer as well as the team manager in an online game that mixes user-frie...
Sunday, Aug 14th, 2011 7222 views
Destiny Development and Huoca offers its brand new free-to-play MMORPG City of Transformers. Currently the official website of the game has been revealed! The closed beta testing of City of Transformers is projected for August 2011, with the official release of the game likely in the third or fourth...
Friday, Aug 5th, 2011 8267 views
Gamania Digital Entertainment at this moment is extremely pleased to reveal an exciting new musical escape in the skies, their upcoming free-to-play Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game, Tiara Concerto. Details of the game’s storyline and world continues to be published on the official website,...
Tuesday, Aug 2nd, 2011 5365 views
NHN Corporation has disclosed that they are going to premier their brand new competitive FPS Born to Fire developed by FunTree later on this year. Born to Fire is a completely new online first-person shooter for the PC. Born to Fire is truly a character-driven and also widely accessible online FPS f...
Friday, Jul 22nd, 2011 6057 views
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