Article published on Saturday, September 10th, 2011
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SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Aeria Games, a top global publisher of free-to-play online games, recently revealed that Eden Eternal will undoubtedly be launching its newest content update in mid-September that features the brand new Anuran race as well as a completely new crafting system.

The Anuran are frog-like beings who happen to be sociable and companionable, nonetheless they were once a remote race before their trip to the central continent. The Anuran sociological framework has developed ever since, and now they’re recognized to have a very good love of life regarding just about anything.

Also included within this content update are:

· Racial Special Abilities: Level 30 characters and over can be capable of collecting materials out of the established guild towns as well as craft a multitude of items. 4 NPCs are going to be included with Aven to give you specifics and the required items to collect crafting materials.
o Humans can use Gemcrafting to enhance weapons and armor.
o Zumi can make use of Engineering to distinctive gadgets which includes a great number of effects.
o Anuran can employ Alchemy to produce potions, dyes as well as essences.
· Player Shops: Players that are level 20 and preceding can have the ability to create their very own personal stalls in the main town of Aven. To give you a organized player market, you will see marked specified areas in which gamers can setup their made to order stalls.
· New NPC’s: There are 2 crucial NPCs which will be included to broaden players’ game progression. These two NPC services are able to be accessed in 2 hour batches plus they offer level-tiered boosts as well as Fortune Bags. Professor Koss will give you timed EXP plus CP boosts as a part of “Eden Eternal Boot Camp” and Assistant Teren enables you to obtain various Fortune Bags during the day.

Like all game titles at Aeria Games, Eden Eternal is free to play and doesn’t call for a subscription fee. To learn more about Eden Eternal, please go to