Article published on Sunday, September 4th, 2011
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ZQGame USA introduces its very first free to play game released for the North American market called Shadowland Online (SLO). Shadowland Online is a greatly anticipated social strategy game. Walk into the realm of God’s Continent, a territory in which thousands of years of war have come to a climax inside a marvelous unification headed by King Rothus from the Saros Kingdom. Following several centuries, this wonderful terrain has been disrupted by the awakening of Ossanal, a dreary sorcerer having a grudge against living beings. Together with his underworld forces, he has essentially absorbed most of human civilization.

The gates of the undead have brought out an evil force which has set siege on humankind. Being a surviving human coalition, it’s your own task to get back the impure Shadowlands of God’s Continent along with restoring your kingdom together with your army and fellow partners. With a seized undead gate at your disposal, you need to take a trip to other ages and look for mythical heroes to support you on your long adventure.