Article published on Friday, September 2nd, 2011
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Sunnyvale, Calif. – Benefit from the remaining days of summertime throughout Iris Online’s large Play for Rewards activities. Starting September 1st, gPotato gamers may plunge right into the captivating world of Arcana and be given amazing game rewards and helpful items valued at $100 simply by signing in!

For the following 25 days, anybody who plays within the “Iris Renascentia” event will get incredible incentives. Log on for 1 hour each day and ones item rewards is going to exponentially increase! On a daily basis there will be a whole new reward, and people who maintain perfect attendance will obtain the greatest reward: the unreleased Pyron
Summer Hat as well as Green Ju-Ju Bird are going to be yours! Leap directly into the excitement anytime and you may nevertheless collect extraordinary items, for example:

• Week 1: Experience Potions, Appearance Change Scrolls, and Item Protection Cards
• Week 2: Skill Experience Potions, Dungeon Resets, and Enhanced Item Protection Cards
• Week 3: Battlefield Points Potions, Blessed Potions, and Skill Reset Potions
• Week 4: Rune Power Pieces, Sealed Silver Card, and Card Slot Creation Scrolls

Along with all of that, 50% EXP, SXP, and Battlefield bonuses come in effect for the whole month, and through the last week, items are going to be raining via an extra 50% Drop Rate plus 50% Enhance Rate!

To learn more about future events and community announcement visit the Official Iris Website.