Article published on Saturday, August 27th, 2011
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Taikodom is a free to play Sci-Fi space action Massive Social Game developed by Brazilian developer Hoplon Infotainment and published by GamersFirst. The game characteristics are similar to the game play components seen in other space MMOs which includes voyage, trading and wide open player vs player combat. Step into a rich fictional storyline where you become a resurrect exploring the gaily recognized universe. Dying is not the end... thanks to cloning centers.

Taikodom includes a twitch based combat action that lets you maneuver your ship, shoot your cannons and avoid oncoming missiles in real-time. There is also inertial flight which mimics realistic physics to execute stunning maneuvers. Get into dynamic missions and stop pirates from obliterating outposts. You can also be part of a corporation in this game similar to guilds, as well as participate in risky frontiers, tournaments and pvp rankings.