Article published on Thursday, August 25th, 2011
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MARINA DEL REY, Calif. – The newest improvement within Ragnarok Online is the expansion of the ever stalwart Super Novice! And for this occasion every engaged player is welcome to participate in Ragnarok Online as well as jump into the experience quicker than ever before during the Ragnarok Online: From Novice to Hero Event.

The world of Ragnarok Online has long been grateful with stalwart heroes to fight for Rune Midgard. Each one of those brave stories begins with a young Novice, a new comer to the world beginning their quest to become a hero. WarpPortal is very pleased to commemorate on your path from Novice to Hero from August 24 - September 6th!

Throughout the special event brand new characters will receive early leveling at double normal speed!

I. Base levels under 70, levels twice as quick!
II. 1st Class, Expanded and Transcendent 1st Class Job levels up to 50 are Double speed too!
III. Super Novice up to Job 70 is also sped up!
IV. All accounts will also receive 1 free Character slot on Ymir, or any of our servers, which will allow permanent Free-play!
V. Expansion of the Super Novice Class!

The Super Novice Class has been expanded too since August 24th! Enabling brand new skills to be mastered, greater level cap and also more stat customization than any other time!
This is an excellent period to ask your buddies to play or to begin your own Ragnarok Online Adventure, come across new good friends and become your own legend!