Article published on Sunday, August 14th, 2011
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Radiance Digital Entertainment and Omniverse Games presents a new free to play 3D volleyball game, Beach Volleyball Online. Beach Volleyball Online is a beautiful 3D game placed in a extravagant beach side setting. The game boasts a warm and friendly community with plenty of locations to discover together with the strong competition plus strategies of Beach Volleyball. Gamers can individualize his or her avatars in countless options while building their characters and creating close friends. Gamers may additionally enhance his or her skills as well as boost attributes through attaining knowledge either on or off the court.

Beach Volleyball Online employs an state-of-the-art 3D engine that puts the gamer in a beautiful and stunning warm weather environment. Besides the competition on the court, participants may also take part in a number of fun-based activities - have a swim, dance in a nightclub, make new friends by using the chat features, cuddle up with a significant other on the beach, or pick up seashells to collect - even while attaining points and also experience. Together with tournaments, in-game events, standalone mini-games plus a huge pleasant community, Beach Volleyball Online delivers enjoyment for all.