Article published on Thursday, July 28th, 2011
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Sunnyvale, Calif. – The official launch of Prius Online has arrived along with gPotato introducing its largest patch ever! To rejoice this massive milestone, gPotato has joined with Alienware to honor 1 devoted fanatic a powerful Alienware MX11 laptop computer.

The Official Launch Patch consists of plenty of fresh content, which includes:

• Higher Level Cap - The level cap in Prius shall be brought up to level 60. Included in this raise, gamers can discover 2 brand new tiers of skills. Those skills bring in completely new spells as well as passive bonuses!
• All New Zones - 2 completely new zones are waiting for you, each one comprising of brand new Bestia along with quests meant for the most daring adventurers of Prius to tackle down.
• Spanking New Dungeons - To accentuate the level cap raise, 5 more dungeons are going to be unveiled for gamers to check out on their excursion to level 60. All of these dungeons embody fresh bestia, bosses, high level gear, dungeon centered quests, and also distinctive dungeon-only Peros.
• Castle Siege Warfare - Castle Siege Warfare sets guilds against one another in a vicious fight to possess 1 of 3 castles. Guilds that fruitfully lay claim to a castle will gain amazing rights that are available just to their guild members!

Together with the brand new patch Prius Online will even be organizing a variety of stunning events:

• Alienware Official Release Giveaway - The Bestia of Prius appear to have discovered something… aliens! Starting from July 27th to August 9th, the participant who gathers the most tokens out of the bestia will have the opportunity to take home a FREE Alienware MX11 laptop computer!’

Alienware™ M11x (MSRP $999)

11.6" High Def (720p/1366x768) with WLED backlight
Intel® Core™ i5 2537M 1.4GHz (2.3GHz w/Turbo Boost, 3MB Cache)
NVIDIA® GeForce® GT540M graphics with 1.0GB Video Memory and Optimus
4GB Dual Channel DDR3 at 1333MHz
320GB 7200RPM SATA 3Gb/s
Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium, 64bit, English
Intel® Centrino® Wireless-N 1000 a/g/n 1x2

• Double-Double Peak Time - EXP and Drop Rates is going to be doubled throughout peak gaming hours. On top of that a random gamer is chosen every 15 minutes to be granted with a range of in-game items or extra gPotatos!
• Prius HD Giveaway - Prius will be giving away a chance for participants to be rewarded with an HD Video Camera! Gamers can win once again by producing a video clip embracing an aspect of Prius Online pre determined by the staff.
• Prius Online Screenshot Contest - Meant for players without video editing knowledge gPotato is providing a screenshot contest too. The succeeding entries is going to be published on the Official Prius Online Website in addition to giving a number of rewards to those who won!

For a full list of content changes and events go to the official website at