Article published on Monday, July 11th, 2011
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The exciting newest strategy-based MMO by Just A Game is now in open beta. It truly does carry the name “massive multiplayer” profoundly since the whole game’s advancement and endgame are dependent on the choices every single player will make. Operation Gamma 41 delivers a one of a kind, never witnessed before compelling storyline: the judgements of the many players in a server have a very important influence on how the scenario evolves and may actually alter the online game automatically.

Participants of Operation Gamma 41 will discover them selves in the time of 1941 the moment the world is stuck in warfare and gamers need to tactically help to determine the conclusion. Through providing the expansion and defense of a recently established base, they assume control over allied or axis units. But it is not all upkeep, this is certainly warfare and rival troops will be at the players’ heels. Based upon the selected side the player may encounter death squadrons, sabotage, rebel, and special ops units. Base commanders can easily get together and seize new territories along with protecting their very own together. Furthermore, high command will certainly get in touch with officers as well as transfer them in top secret special missions. Examples include many obstacles: sneaking directly into the enemy’s base plus robbing construction plans, capturing scientists or even breaking strategic production facilities. Lastly, just as the battle appears to end, a 3rd force gets into the world stage.