Article published on Thursday, July 7th, 2011
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Sunnyvale, CA - As Prius Online’s open beta progresses, Gala-Net continues to be receiving strong and useful feedback from the gamers. Now, the overall game team is delighted to show the outcomes of the beneficial insight from players with remarkable news: Prius Online will stop its IP limitations and drive forward with fresh online game content!

Large numbers of enthusiasts around the world announced their anguish when Prius Online published with IP blocks. Having seen just how unsettling it was to the player base, Gala-Net went to deal with the developer to tackle the problem. Many discussions later, they effectively hammered out a deal to get rid of IP restrictions around the world! Starting July 5th, Prius Online will be opened up to all regions not currently or in the course of action of publishing the game.

Gala-Net then pressed forward, looking to correct players’ issues over the minimal amount of in-game content. Once more, the team sought out to the developer indicating the community’s desires, and for a second time amazing contracts were landed. By July 5th, open beta gamers will have the ability to discover 5 completely new dungeons spread around the world of Prius! Gamers won’t have to wait very long for more content updates though, as for the ending of July Gala-Net is going to be delivering its very first large update. This update consists of 6 brand new dungeons, Guild Siege, Guild Titles, an increased level cap, plus much more!

Making use of the IP Block and also the content issues addressed, Gala-Net is strongly pursuing to solve more significant community issues. For additional detail regarding these two developments along with other Prius Online News, browse the Official Prius Website at

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