Article published on Sunday, June 19th, 2011
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SAN FRANCISCO - Outspark, the place to go for MMO players, is giving a preview into the wide selection of classes that’ll be available in Luvinia Online, which is starting closed beta later this summer time.

Luvinia Online includes a dozen classes to select as gamers increase in levels, plus they all fan from 3 base archetypes that gamers get to choose from level 10. Before level 10, all gamers are beginners, carving out the amount at Geneway College. At level 10, they decide their future like a strong and loyal Warrior, a cunning and artful Rogue, or perhaps a sage and brilliant Magician. A character in all these classes is actually able to prosper like a solo class in the game, additionally they fulfill a distinctive role in a party, especially when the player starts to further specialize his character.

At level 40, all these 3 archetypes breaks off into 2 different subclasses each.

• Players will go the greater defensive route and be Knights in combat outfitted with shields, or even the more offensive route as Fighters carrying two-handed weapons.

• Rogues, with strong individual melee and ranged abilities, can pick to become Scouts, or having a desire to have a bigger role inside a party, they are able to go ahead and take Artists’ path.

• Masters of magic may either delve much deeper in to the dark arts and be Warlocks, or focus more about the humanities of recovery and lightweight if you take in the layer of Priest.

Later, at level 80, all these 6 classes is given two more subclasses, giving 12 final classes to choose among with several final classes being hybrids between two different archetypes.

"The class system in Luvinia Online is varied and complex,” commented Philip Yun, COO of Outspark. “While players will only have access to the first 6 subclasses in the beta, we will be giving previews of the 12 final subclasses before they are released at the final launch of the game. Each subclass really brings a unique flavor to the game and allows for deeper specialization in how players want to play their character. We will also be keeping a careful eye on class balance to ensure that all classes are well represented in a party.”

To help gamers within their choices they’ll make on the way, a class grid is setup in game that maps the archetypes as well as their connected classes. By using this class grid, gamers are able to see all of the classes available, along with the needs to gain access to the different subclasses. As each subclass is selected, gamers will begin at class level 1 with this new class. Because they gain experience, their class level will rise in addition to their normal character level. The amount acquired in each subclass will even increase the potency of their class abilities and unlock new class specific abilities within their skill book. Gamers who invest heavily within their class are compensated with increased energy and specialized abilities which help them unlock their true future on the planet of Luvinia Online.

Register for the closed beta now at, discuss the forums here, and follow Luvinia Online on Facebook.