Article published on Friday, June 3rd, 2011
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MAYNGAMES and Free To Play has teamed up to giveaway 200 Closed Beta Keys for their latest anime-inspired MMORPG, Xen Online. Join a guild of like-minded individuals and gather your newly-found friends to defeat the warmongers. Xen Online is a fantastic social exploration role-playing game catered to the young at heart!

There are 6 playable classes in Xen Online and over 100 powerful skills! Xen Warriors will be on quest to explore over 160 maps and 17 dungeons in the Xen Continent. Start off on your new journey and strive to be the best of your class!

Code Giveaway

Instructions on accessing the Xen Online Closed Beta Test!

1. Register for a MAYN Games account at
2. Activate your account for CBT access at by Tuesday 14 June 2011
3. Share your CBT key with up to 5 friends who can play together with you in the Closed Beta!
4. All 6 accounts that share the same CBT Key will receive mileage - which can be used to purchase Xen Online cash items!
5. We will email all activated accounts with the client download link before CBT starts.


- Each Beta Key can be activated on up to 6 accounts, so share the beta keys with your friends!
- Once your beta key has been activated 6 times, you and your friends will be rewarded with mileage!
- CBT Key Activation will close on Tuesday 14 June 2011.
- The Xen Online Closed Beta Test is scheduled to start on Thursday 16 June 2011.