Article published on Monday, January 24th, 2011
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Gravity Interactive launches the beta key giveaway of the epic browser based MMORPG Eternal Destiny on WARPPORTAL.COM and we are giving away 1,000 closed beta keys to our community!

Click here to redeem your key!

Eternal Destiny is an action-packed fantasy browser based MMORPG that allow players to interact with each other and work with or battle each other to take on the burden and challenge of usurping the God of Chaos and to restore order to the realms. Free to play and no download required.

Below is the beta code redemption process:
Once users come to the Eternal Destiny registrations site
be upon the start of the CBT period (stated below), they are required to put in a CBT access code.
Once they have created an account, they can access Eternal Destiny CBT with the account that is provided.

The finalized CBT period for Eternal Destiny:
CBT starts: 1/23/11 at 6PM PST.
CBT ends: 1/30/11 at 6PM PST.