Article published on Wednesday, November 24th, 2010
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Once a year, Thanksgiving Day comes to us all, bringing joy, laughter, and delicious food, as well! It’s a time to give thanks for the bountiful harvest and express our gratitude for those who care for us. As usual, Thanksgiving Day in EO is chock full of fun, and this year is no exception! Do you still remember the happy times we spent in the game, last Thanksgiving? If you want to relive those good times, you are in luck!
Welcome back, Mr. Gobbler!

This event consists of 3 mini quests, all about the strange Gobblers. There is no doubt that a delicious turkey is an almost indispensable part of Thanksgiving. However, the frenzy of the Shopping Rush has caused a shortage in the turkey supply! It is up to you to save Thanksgiving and help get those birds on Thanksgiving tables! Go hunt some Gobblers, and help collect Gobbler eggs and different kinds of Gobbler meat on the amazing Gobbler Farm! With the fresh ingredients, you can help prepare a delicious Gobbler BBQ feast! Inevitably, you will end up having to defend yourself against the outraged Gobbler Fighters and Warriors that survive, and are sure to want more than a little payback!

By joining in this event, players can expect rich rewards, such as Eudemon Eggs, Double Exp. Time and other amazing gifts. Also, you will enjoy immersive gameplay in a festive Thanksgiving atmosphere!

Don't let this feast pass you by!
Offline Event:
Thanks for the Memories! – Come back to EO to get Amazing gifts!

From November 23rd to December 6th, all players can login to the event page and obtain a chance to try their luck in the Lottery, just by sending invitations to your friends and mentors! You will have the chance to win 5000 PPs, 3000 PPs, Double EXP and God’s Blessing, and much more! And all of you who receive the emails can claim a free 3-day God’s Blessing!? We'll all be here, waiting for you to show up in your old armor! Thanksgiving just won't be the same without you!
Thanksgiving quest will be here this week! See you in game!