Article published on Monday, September 20th, 2010
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I just received exclusive preview access to the pre-closed beta version of Legend of Edda. I decided to test the game out and make a short video of the gameplay. The CBT is expected to launch on September 30th. Please note that because this is the pre-CBT client, in the video there are no other players online. You can hear Korean dialogue in this version too which is probably fixed in the CBT version. The translations are much better in the CBT version too. Just so you know, the program that I used to record this video hid my mouse cursor (there is a mouse cursor in the game).

WARNING: Just a heads up, the volume is kind of high in the video. I am not the best at making videos.

This MMO is developed by EYAsoft and published by gamescampus. Character movement is kind of strange. In most MMOs, the right mouse click is to move your character, but in this game it is the left click that moves the player. You can use the right click for summoning mounts or using items. There are a lot of quests and NPCs in game that will keep you busy. So far, this game looks promising and the graphics are pretty cool if you’re into anime/cutesy art. Using your skills is simple, just press number keys 1-10. You can also change your screen resolution to as low as 800x600 or as high as 1280x800. There is also a window mode that allows higher resolution (1920x1200) for those with newer monitors. This game also has a cool launcher which updates the game and runs nProtect Game Guard so cheaters/bots/hackers will have a hard time ruining your game experience.