Article published on Wednesday, August 25th, 2010
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SUNNYVALE, Calif-August 24, 2010- Leading free to play online game publisher Gala-Net is excited to announce their recent contract with global payments provider, Hi-media Payments, for use of their micropayment platform, Allopass, specifically for use in mobile and SMS payments.

“Gala-Net looks forward to growing its mobile payment options, and is very excited to include Allopass as its newest mobile payment provider.” – Jikhan Jung, CEO Gala-Net

Allopass provides micropayments solutions through mobile, SMS, home phone billing, prepaid cards, and its own electronic ewallet.

“We are excited to welcome a company the caliber of Gala Net into our network of publishing partners”, said Pooj Preena, CEO, Hi-media USA. “Combining Gala Net’s leadership in the free-to-play space with Allopass’s expertise in payments represents a big win for both companies, and ultimately, for the end users who will now have a great offering for the acquisition of gPotatoes.”

Gala-Net currently publishes popular MMORPGs in North and South America, as well as in Europe, through its subsidiary Gala Networks Europe. Gala-Net provides players with 100% free to play games that have a rich set of virtual goods available for purchase through its virtual currency, gPotatoes.

Starting next month gPotatoes will be able to be purchased through mobile payments using Allopass’ proprietary technology.