Article published on Friday, June 11th, 2010
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Forsaken world is an upcoming fantasy MMORPG that is being developed by Perfect World Entertainment. Perfect World will be at this years E3 expo showing off their new games including this one. Closed beta sign ups are available at the official website.

In the beginning only two gods existed—Dyos and Nyos. They were the mlers of all, and wielded power to create and destroy as they saw fit.

Dyos Creates a World

Dyos discovered a world, and named it "Eyrda". It was a bleak place, with only a giant tree stretching from the sky to the land. Dyos discovered a giant star-wheel on the top of the tree, and within it were countless sparking stars. To his surprise, Dyos saw that these were portraitures of gods! He not only found his own image on it, he also found the likeness of Nyos and many other gods.

As lord of universe, the supreme original god, to encounter this new tiling filled him with a sense of his hitherto unknown weakness. After he found the wheel, Dyos continued to live in Eyrda for another 10 million years, studying the wheel and trying to discover its secret, ultimately failing at this task. But during these 10 million years, he called on gods to build Eyrda into a wonderful world. Finally, Dyos told his three children—Tytan, Illyfue and Vyda—to manage the world well, and left Eyrda in order to continue his trip through the universe.