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In the great beginning, there existed 2 Gods,
the god of destruction Vergilius, and the goddess of
creation, Rea. Vergilius with his cunning deception
captures and binds Rea, abusing her power to
create the "world of emptiness" and his loyal army
named "Mui clan".

Blinded by the beauty of Rea, Pharakeleus,
the most trusted guardian of Vergilius , frees Rea. The goddess Rea then
creates the first physical world of "Iveria" to stand against Vergilius.
Having to create 8 guardian angels to protect Iveria, Rea drained all energy
and enters into deep sleeping phase of recovery.

Territory Occupation

In the world of Iveria, there are multiple territories to be claimed by your Kingdom. More territories owned by your Kingdom will grants you with more places to journey and more treasures to find. At destined time of each and every day, the battle for the territory occupation will break out between two rival kingdoms "Craxion" and "DeFugel". Fight for your kingdom! Slash the heads of your enemy! Claim what is rightfully yours!

Enormous quests

Apart from main quests around the truth of three kingdoms, diverse sub-quests, and hidden quests waits you all. Distinctive voice of NPCs will bring you one step closer to the real world of 4Story. Look around! You may run into a quest with smashing rewards

Time Travel

Past and future, stories even fading into others memories.
Different stories (quest) are waiting for you. Dont believe everything you see.
There are breathtaking secrets and adventures in each chapter of 4Story.
An instance dungeon that ends each chapter provides puzzle for you to find behind secrets of 4Story.
Look for clues! Find answers to the ancient secrets!

Ultimate item (Enchant system)

Looking for a legendary weapon admired by all?
Looking for deadly weapons that will cutoff multiple heads of enemy with a single blow?
In the world of 4Story, you will find wide range of qualified weapons from Grade "F" to Grade "SSS". Moreover, you may upgrade your weapons up to maximum level of +24. Thats not all each and every weapon holds special options.
If you find a old dusty weapon but with exceptional options, dont toss them out. You can transfer those options to your own ultimate item.

R.S.C.S. [Realtime Strategic Command Systems]

Enough with slashing away enemies you see in front. 4Story provides unique system to use tactics and strategies. With a simple click of a mouse using the mini map, the commander in chief can monitor the real-time battle situation. Not only you can pinpoint the exact location of all 48 members under you command, but you can also give out orders to gather, attack, hold, and ambush in certain location to make the battle situation more realistic.

Mounts (Horse, Bull, Deer)

4Story provides many different mounts for you to choose from. Some are extremely fast, yet others somewhat slow. It is your choice not to ride any. However, in the world of 4Story, I wouldnt advise you to run around on your foot. You may find yourself being chased by Hordes of enemy cavalry.