Article published on Saturday, May 1st, 2010
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The universe was born in a sea of darkness and
chaos. This primal force called itself Legel, and embodied both creation
and destruction. Legel's ever churning forces gave birth to a myriad of
worlds and creatures both great and small. Many creations were quickly
snuffed out by the very force that made them, but there were areas of
temporary calm. It was in one such peaceful location that the Goddess
Teva and the world of Isya were born.

Like many before her, Teva was a being of tremendous power. She
reveled in the power given to her by Legel, however temporary it might
be. She was fully prepared to accept the inevitability of her own
destruction at the hands of the very thing that created her.
before this could happen, Teva looked down upon the world that had been
born at the same time as she and saw a variety of new life on its
surface. She saw many brutal and vile creatures upon this world, but
also something else.

She saw children playing and animals nurturing and protecting
their young. There were two species in particular that caught her eye.
These species called themselves Humans, and Elves. What made them so
remarkable was the fact that they continued to struggle even against all
odds, even when most animals would have surrendered. They were frail
compared to many other species on the new planet and should not have
survived. But soon Teva began to see some of their virtues. She saw
their kindness, their self sacrifice, but most of all something else she
couldn't understand. Something kept them holding on even when
were dire. Something made them fight on, even though
there was no reason to believe in the future. These creatures called it

What was this hope these creatures held onto so desperately? How
could such an indescribable, intangible feeling give them strength? How
could it drive them to persevere against tremendous odds? Teva wanted to
know more; she NEEDED to know more. But Legel had other plans.