Article published on Saturday, May 1st, 2010
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Long time ago, there lived a group of powerful Spirits, whose might
were beyond people’s imagination. They created the Dreamland for human
beings, then left. Nobody knew where they were originally from, where
they had gone, and what else had they done. After all, Dreamland is only
a fraction of what they created.

Before they were gone, they decided to empower two younger gods, a
boy and a girl, to manage the Dreamland. Those two gods were carefully
selected from their College of Saint where many students and disciples
get their formal training on how to acquire and develop their super
power. They were the best and the brightest two students in the school.
The boy’s name is King of Darkness, and the girl Imaginary Goddess.

Even though the world is called Dreamland, however, there were no
livings or dreams in the world. Those powerful Spirits had high
expectation for King of Darkness and Imaginary Goddess, hoping they can
enrich and manage the world by themselves.

So there they were, King of Darkness and Imaginary Goddess, living
in this vast empty land all by themselves. They wanted to bring life to
this world. However, there was nothing they could model after. Human
being’s world was too complicated and restrictive for them. They wanted
to create something simpler, funnier, more harmonious, and happier. Then
they had an idea. They made a lot of ornaments, pets and toys and gave
them life. Those things turned into elves and soon after the world
became so lively with many elves, everyone lived a happy and peaceful