Article published on Sunday, May 2nd, 2010
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A time of peace between gods and humans living together, this era was known as the Haima Yuga. The time when the 3 gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva living as one at the Shambala Castle.
They are the rulers of Tantra that brings the balance to its tranquility.
After a long, long time of peace and serenity, humans began to envy the gods making them anxious about them selves and feel uneasy. The supremacy of the gods provoked a deep envy among humans.
Creating curiosity to ask all the things and its purpose resulting to their disbelief to the gods.
As it happens they fled on to their separate ways making the 8 tribes shape the world.
As the humans goes on, their path is still guided by the gods. Oracles are found with each tribe communicating with the gods. As the realms of tantra slowly taking into shape, a vision of both humankind and gods was now possible and has came to reality.

Life as it known seems peaceful and quite in the realms of Tantra but the destiny had to be taken place and brought the evil to arise when Shiva as the destroyer slit the throat of Brahma.
This murder resulted the inequity, the imbalance within Tantra.
Few brave warriors among humans tried to bring back the lost balance to its place by closing the gates of Shambala for all eternity. Before it was foretold that this was going to happen, that an horrifying evil shall cross its paths to the land. The disappearance of the gods and the closure of the gate of Shambala made the forces of evil much stronger.
The diabolical mantra and its legions began to spread the horrifying terror to the humanity.
Mara’s evil plan was like a reigning cloud over the land, eradicating the entire gate keepers lives and leaving the humankind to rely on their defenseless selves.

As the Mara’s minion take down the gatekeepers defenses, humans from the eight tribes united to fight Mara’s evil scheme. Each tribe was headed by eight noble heroes who lead them into the war. The battle between the heroes and Mara’s dark army last for 1 yogi year (10 years) resulting to a massive casualties.
Mara and its followers initiate a final strike but eventually repulsed by the brave humans sealing Mara to its due place away from Tantra. The battle ended in humankinds' favor but the victory was replaced by the lives of the 8 warriors as sacrifice to win the war. Moreover, as a tribute to the great warriors, humans gave a rightful place for the heroes. They renamed them as the 8 kings and their legend was passed on to generations.
Sadly the memories of the battle and the 8 kings were slowly erased from the mind of the new generations as it pass on.

7 yogi years (70 years) passed and the humankind were slowly getting their strength back from the result of the great battle. New cities were develop in a once desolated land. they named 1 of the city mantra plava, a city where the descendants from the 8 tribes lived in peace and order.
After the unexpected disappearance of the three gods and left the humans a gap between them, humans are unable to answer questions that would help them enlighten the truth and beliefs. The ideas of humans collide with one another cause a separate beliefs that result their questions unanswered.
At this time of uncertainty, the delicate peace and harmony was about to be broken. A rumor about the sightings of the evil creatures was believed as a descendants of Mara also known as Mara’s Blood spread through the fearful humans.
Upon the increasing number of the known evil, humans evacuated Mantra Plava and headed south to begin constructing shelters and defenses from Mara’s blood. Still, lives are being paid on the evacuation. Several attempts were undertaken on the evils den.
These brave men failed to stop the threats. Attempting to do what the eight kings have done for the humans, but the brave ones are powerless against the massive power of Mara’s blood. The time of tranquility, that once ruled for a great time has ended.
A new and more ferocious evil has now come to the open. The Dark Age has come ? a time of terror and evil.