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As soon as God was finished creating Heaven and Earth, the first inhabitants of the new lands began to populate the region. God also appointed several angels to help them build the foundations of their civilization. These pioneers were given dominion over the lands and enjoyed the blessing and protection of the Seraphim from all threats and dangers. A great blossoming in their political and economic system along with other advances in science, art, and religion paved the way for what become known as the "Age of Glory". This era saw technology and theology working hand in hand while the sacred practice of both arcane and natural forms of magic was left to a chosen few.<br />
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WYD (With Your Destiny) is an MMORPG developed with self-developed 3D Engine skill. Battle features include: 96 variety skills, 7 grades, 82 kind of weapons, monster hunting, guild wars, guild ranking tournaments for more fun of in the battlefield and many more. WYD has an easy user interface with mouse based play and hot keys. Some game systems available are: Kingdom system, mount system with egg hatching and growth, docking-spirit system and quest system. There are four different characters available with special skills: Trans knight, Foema, Beast Master and Hunter.