Article published on Sunday, May 2nd, 2010
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Enter the World in the Mirror and help the Mirror Kings.

Nobody knows when it happened, but at some point in the past, the Kunlun Mirror lost some of its clarity, making it unable to precisely reflect reality. Adding to this trouble is the fact that some of the Mirror Kings have disappeared as well. It is thought that the reason behind these problems is due to the delusions and uncertainties plaguing human beings in the real world. When those "delusions" were reflected in the Kunlun Mirror, they gained physical representations as a variety of odd lifeforms and interfered with the normal operation of the Kunlun Mirror world.

To solve the crisis of the mirror, the remaining Mirror Kings began calling human beings from the real world into the Kunlun Mirror to assist in dealing with the problems created by the distortions of the human mind. Each player has been called to help intervene in the mysteries of the Mirror World.

Since the "delusions" from the real world have turned into dangerous monsters and ghosts in the Mirror World, the Mirror Kings have used their powers to guarantee that the real world visitors cannot truly die while in the Mirror world. Each visitor is "born" into the Mirror World in a new form befitting the new world, ready to explore and adventure to their heart's content!