Article published on Saturday, May 1st, 2010
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Long, long ago, there was no difference between
heaven and the human world. Every corner was filled with happiness,
until one day something unexpected happened. The archangel Lucifer fell
in love with a girl. However this girl was already in love with another
angel. Jealousy consumed Lucifer until he lost his mind and used his
powers to transmute the girl into dew and the angel into starlight in
order to separate the two lovers forever.

Lucifer knew he would be punished sooner or later,
so he gathered a rebellious army and attempted to overthrow the reign
of God. Afterwards, Lucifer and his rebel army failed and were expelled
to Hell. Ever since Lucifer was expelled to hell, he has been planning
his revenge. He is expanding his evil forces now, and has founded a
demon-training camp, with the purpose being to destroy the Garden of
Eden. Even worse, Lucifer believes now is the right time to take his
revenge on God.

Players can fight for 1 of 4 realms in Angels Online.
They are Aurora, Beast, Steel and Shadow.
Eden in game is composed
of many gorgeous scenes, including sweeping plains, pleasant valley
vistas, daunting deserts, vast oceans, ghastly crypts, majestic forests,
eerie swamps, lifeless wastelands, and beautiful lakes just to name a
few. Of course, monsters are indispensable part of any game, and there
are various monsters to face, from little cute monsters to huge
ferocious monsters.

Angels Online will offer you nearly 40 Class Skills
and hundreds of spells, which will definitely allow our players to
pursue their ideal classes. You will have different class titles if you
adopt different special skill combinations. In addition, there are
hundreds of thousands of items and weapons, and a complete Paper Moppet
System, so players have tons of things to do in game