Article published on Thursday, January 24th, 2013
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Chrono Tales is an absolutely free to join genuine 3D MMORPG online game with the new generation engine allowing to enjoy fascinating gaming experience just from your favorite web browser. It comes with the variety of classes and characters to choose from and challenge exciting quests, tame mythological pets, forge legendary gear, etc. A free PvP gameplay of our online 3d game allows players to challenge each other whenever they wish. Open beta for Chrono Tales starts January 29th 2013!

As an ancient Chroland legend goes, there was an almost dry, narrow oasis located in the center of the mysterious desert, which was believed to be the place where countless ancient treasure was buried. After years of exploration, adventurers finally found the gate to the mysterious treasure. Since then, the battle has never ended; all of people want to grab the treasure…Today gamers could enjoy the glory brought by fight for treasure, from daily in game activity- Treasure Plant. There will be a portal appears for 30 minutes near the rebirth point in the Chroland Capital, through which you can enter the oasis. After entering the oasis, you can click on the Gold Crystal to occupy the plant, and you will own it if no players from other guilds occupy it within the next 6 minutes. When treasure plant is successfully accomplished there will be a Gold Cluster appearing on the ground, which could be collected as long as the character’s level is above 40. Auto collection works too. After the portal closed, members of the owner guild can still enter the Treasure Plant ground to collect Gold Cluster from “Treasure Plant” at the guild panel. You will not only obtain Gold Amber, but also all kinds of ores from Gold Clusters when you are lucky enough, so it is all possible that get nothing sometimes. And since the time for the collection is limited, you’d better make sure there are no players from other guilds on the ground before collection. The Treasure Plant is an extremely dangerous place as PK is everywhere there thus it is full of thrills. Ray Media promises to provide players with enjoyable gaming experience. Now, one warm-up event for Open Beta is hot in its forum. Gamers could participate in it to win a free mount- Hibussac.