Article published on Monday, May 28th, 2012
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ATLUS Online presents their exciting new free to play browser based sci-fi MMORPG, BattleSpace by Japanese game developer EnterCrews. BattleShip has become available on the popular gaming portal Kongregate. Pursuing the destruction of Sol, Earth’s solar system, humankind grouped technological innovations into the "Photon Drive," a distinctive engine created for slipstream travelling. Be a part of BattleSpace as an Admiral and establish a new solar system for humanity! Link up with aliens, androids, and different players in a struggle for survival versus space pirates and vets from former galactic wars. Work together with other guilds--or in opposition to them--to progress closer to the Giant Planet, the largest resource among all!

Within BattleSpace, gamers manage one of several unique races competing for resources and prominence within an unclaimed universe packed with resources. Along with real-time resource management, full-scale space wars, and unlimited strategic options that directly impact all allies and enemies throughout the player-driven universe, BattleSpace offers an attainable yet fulfilling rich massively online strategy adventure. No download or installation requirements enable gamers to immediately control their very own huge solar system and fight for power over the galaxy!