Article published on Sunday, February 26th, 2012
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Based on DDT 3.0“new era”with many additions to discover, a new improved version 3.1 will be released this March. New maps & weapons, improved backgrounds, smoother graphics, better throw angles will be available. Pick up your weapon, polish your armor, and become the king of DDTank!

Let’s have a sneak peek of the new version!
New suits-design of your choice

Want to have the cool look of the Cadet, the cute and sexiness of the Party Gal, or the charismatic energy of the Striker?The new series will arrive in the mall and actively participating in activities will give you chances of obtaining mystery suits.
New maps- places around the world

From Brazil to ancient ruins, and the beautiful Mount Fuji, cities of Hong Kong and Taipei, DDTank brings you the places around the world, and also there are exotic sceneries of planets and other mysterious places
New weapon- experience the spirit of soccer

YooGames DDTank brings you a newly created weapon-Soccergoal!How can you miss it?Obtaining it will not be easy, let’s see who scores better now!

The brief introduction will end here. There will surely be more activities once the version have been updated, please look forward to this new update!

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