Article published on Saturday, February 25th, 2012
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Sony has revealed that it will be releasing a free-to-play standalone version of the popular FPS game Killzone 3 on the PlayStation Network starting next week. Starting February 28th, PlayStation 3 users can download Killzone 3 Multiplayer for free which features multiplayer modes only. Players can play on the original Killzone 3 maps and all Killzone 3 DLC maps. The game will include Guerrilla Warfare, Warzone and Operations game modes.

Free-to-Play Killzone 3 Multiplayer does not come with single player campaign. There will also be a level cap and some skill trees that are not available to the player. You may play up to the rank of Sergeant I. Players may unlock the full multiplayer features by paying $15. The unlocked version of Killzone 3 will allow you to set up clans and custom games, access Botzone mode and many more.