Article published on Tuesday, January 24th, 2012
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The countdown is ticking down for the much anticipated VIP test of C9 Seal. With less than 12 days left for the first ever test launch, WEBZEN has announced that the first global test of C9 will start on February 4th 2012. On the first day of opening applications, thousands of gamers rushed in to apply for the VIP test. The recruitment for the C9 VIP test ended on January 18th with an overwhelming amount of applications. On January 20th, WEBZEN selected 10,000 players to test the game and apologized to those who were not chosen due to the lack of servers they currently have. The VIP test will begin on February 4th and will end on February 28th 2012.

With the launch of the VIP Test coming soon, WEBZEN has also released a few new trailers that shows group PVP, PVE and a movie trailer for C9 Seal.

C9 is a free to play action RPG which received 5 awards in the 2009 Korea Game Awards. There were over 420,000 users playing the game on the first day of service in South Korea. 70% of the VIP applicants are from North America and Europe. Players can select from 3 different classes: Fighter, Shaman or Hunter. At level 20, players can pick from 3 other different advanced classes (making it 20 classes total). VIP testers will be able to obtain permanent unique icons that gives buff effects. Additional tests are planned and the official launch is scheduled for this year. For more details, please visit