Article published on Wednesday, November 9th, 2011
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Piranha Games and Infinite Game recently announced MechWarrior Online, the very first officially licensed free to play game title in the top rated MechWarrior franchise. MechWarrior Online is scheduled to launch in the 2nd half of 2012 from the newly formed Infinite Game Publishing. The game is placed in the future year of 3049 in the course of a massive interstellar war. MechWarrior Online presents an abundant online experience, gratifying everything a player does with experience points, C-Bills, unlocks, and recognition. Upgrade skills and perfect your purpose in game play using an brand new leveling system, and current in depth player stats allow you to evaluate, monitor and reveal your progress with other gamers.

MechWarrior Online allows gamers to control at will: go head-to-head online on your own or with friends and family in high-octane Conquest and VS modes. Group collectively and form your own Mercenary Corp, invite friends and fight other Merc Corps for reputation and power. Pledge your allegiance to 1 of the 5 great houses and combat for command of valuable Inner Sphere planets. You will engage in a crucial role in a compelling and ever changing galaxy where player exploits influence the world around you and day-to-day story updates and regular content extras create legendary modifications to the Inner Sphere universe and its numerous occupants.