Article published on Sunday, October 23rd, 2011
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Seoul, Korea - Joymax, top free to play online game developer and publisher, introduced that Digimon Masters is officially launching for players in a few days on Tuesday, October 25th. In only a matter of days, gamers can explore the Digital world where our universe and the Digital World are much closer than anyone might have dreamed of. Gamers who wish to participate in on the fun can register on the Joymax portal at

Digimon Masters is undoubtedly a remarkable brand new free to play MMO showcasing the highly sought after Digimon series. The turmoil has spilled yet again from the Digital World in to the Real World and the destiny of each worlds will rest within reach of a whole new generation of Tamers. The long anticipated game boasts a much deeper RPG experience, improved visuals and exhilarating real-time combat - stepping out of the turn-based action seen formerly in Digimon Battle. Digimon enthusiasts are now able to bury themselves within this grand journey. The game is accessible around the globe in English for the very first time.

Digimon are very well recognized all over the world included in the renowned Japanese TV animation series. Digimon Masters will be the first ever 3D online game in line with the Digimon universe with well over 1,000 characters highlighted from seasons 1 thru 5 of the series. It’s not only true towards the art design, Digimon Masters carefully adheres to the original story which will gratify both dedicated fans of the series plus the common gamer.

In the game, every Digimon holds 3 unique properties including Elements, Attributes and Families. Digimon are blessed with their personal Attributes that may either be a benefit or a burden in combat. Elements will be the origin of a Digimon’s power, while particular items supply a power increase to a Digimon according to its Family.

This online game effortlessly mixes pet training simulation together with role-playing components to offer an original gaming experience. Offering real-time combat, players will be over joyed with the dilemmas found in real-time combat which demands fast thinking and great reflexes. Gamers may also become 1 of 8 Royal Knights. Royal Knights are Digimon who will be liable for each area in the Digital World. Leaders of a guild that overcome any of these areas may become a Royal Knight who has the authority to enforce taxes as well as other extras and responsibilities.

To find the most recent details and opportunities to win game related prizes, gamers should like the official Facebook page at!/digimonmasters Gamers may also take a look at