Article published on Wednesday, October 19th, 2011
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OGPlanet, a cutting-edge provider of multiplayer online games has signed an agreement with Bandai Entertainment to publish the highly anticipated multiplayer third person shooter game SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online for the North American market! Gundam is among the most well liked anime franchises out there and will soon be accessible as a free to play shooter game. With its action-packed, clear-cut gameplay, Gundam fanatics and first-timers will harness a multitude of easy to customize units and fight in missions according to incidents from the actual series. The teaser site of SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online (SDGO) has been launched where you can find a teaser video, screenshots plus much more.

With more than 350 planned units from all over the Gundam universe, from the authentic Mobile Suit Gundam to the most recent Mobile Suit Gundam OO, gamers have plenty to collect. Every single unit has its distinctive stats, movement, weapons, plus style, in addition to choices for customization so gamers can definitely stick out on the battleground. In fact you can design your very own! Each and every battlefield can handle as much as 12 players in PvP battle where participants can take their units to the test in 4 modes: Points, Greed. Stock or Tag. More than 30 maps of different dimensions and difficulties provide a large range of obstacles and thrills. Boost your ranking by learning all the various fighting styles.