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Serenia, a world known for its mystery and magic, promises to deliver one of 2012’s top browser games! As a massively multiplayer 2D RPG online browser game, Serenia Fantasy has a large number of game modes, providing endless hours of entertainment. Modes such as the Masquerade, Werewolf Hunting, ...
Thursday, Sep 6th, 2012 7603 views
Novel Incorporated introduces their latest free to play, empire-based MMORPG Empire & State. Empire & State allows players to immigrate to other player-run empires to set up their home territory. As citizens of an empire player can do jobs, collect resources, own property, build vehicles, and earn c...
Saturday, Feb 11th, 2012 11035 views
Applo Interactive LLC presents their flagship title, Applo, a vibrant middle ages strategy game that takes place among 3 warring cultures. Each culture is unique in visuals, appearance and objectives. Applo is a fascinating free to play browser based game which was created using the Unity Engine sof...
Wednesday, Feb 1st, 2012 6041 views
Now2Play and Gamewave Interactive brings the very first 3D browser based MMORPG in the world to Europe called Conquest of Thrones. Conquest of Thrones (COT) is the European release of War of Thrones, a brand new free to play strategy MMORPG developed by Chinese game developer Gamewave Interactive. C...
Sunday, Jan 29th, 2012 8562 views
Mail.Ru Games, a worldwide online game publisher from Russia announces the open beta launch of its free-to-play tactical MMO RiotZone. RiotZone, a new browser-based MMO that was revealed earlier this month, is based on a war to liberate a small state in Latin America called Merania that is under mil...
Thursday, Jan 26th, 2012 8811 views
Koramgame a leading web and client based MMORPG publisher of South East Asia presents their latest MMORPG available in English, Glory Destiny Online! The game is based on many isles that shifted together to form a new continent. Citizens of the north and south lived peacefully together in the same l...
Thursday, Jan 19th, 2012 8243 views
Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Juggarnaut and even more Marvel superheroes will be coming to Facebook for the first time ever in the next three months! Marvel: Avengers Alliance is a new free-to-play game being developed by Playdom. Marvel and Playdom were both acquired 2 years ago and are pa...
Thursday, Jan 12th, 2012 10086 views
Gamania Digital Entertainment launches Bright Shadow Online for all players on U.S. Beanfun! Bright Shadow is an anime inspired card collecting MMORPG in which gamers can decide on more than 20 classes to discover a rich world that is full of exhilarating dungeons and over 500 collectible monsters....
Sunday, Jan 8th, 2012 6360 views
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