Article published on Tuesday, September 6th, 2011
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Nexon America recently launched the “Edge of Darkness” content update for Dragon Nest, the warp speed action free to play RPG from Eyedentity Games. This is actually the 3rd content update for Dragon Nest while in its open beta stage, plus the online game is accessible to play for free for the United States, Canada and Oceania.

With the Edge of Darkness patch, gamers are given the job of protecting the Goddess Statue from waves of menacing monsters who gets stronger as time moves along. The boldest Dragon Nest players may wish to gather companions with them to overcome this strenuous experience, but people who come out the winner are in position to collect amazing prizes, like enhancement plates as well as prestigious titles.

Included as well in this update is the Daredevil Faire, a carnival-like setting that boasts satisfaction for both low and high level players. Gamers can get into a number of various Daredevil Faire themed dungeons, such as Treasure Run, Boss Rush, Gobarta, Danger Dash and also Daredevil Derby. The Daredevil Faire provides a range of distractions from the regular dungeons, for example Gobarta, in which participants can seek to wipe out the hordes of Goblins attacking them, or race with your buddies using a rented horse in the Daredevil Derby.

In addition, a whole new PvP Ladder system is part of this content update. Gamers can obtain a ranking for their 1 vs. 1 matches and also can check where other players rankings in the Dragon Nest community. The Ladder system could quickly match up players of comparable levels.

Furthermore, a selection of brand new outfits are offered for purchase in the Dragon Vault, which includes the Archer’s Green Ranger set, the Warrior’s Brown Belted set, the Sorceress’s Antique Glory set, the Cleric’s Black Commander set and others.

Dragon Nest ensues the tale of a band of adventurers as they combat the tainted dragons and their supporters in an effort to rescue Verathea, the formerly natural and gorgeous world made by the goddess Althea. Dragon Nest brings together swift-moving action, an fascinating story and a unique art style that lifts the bar for free to play online games.

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