Article published on Thursday, September 1st, 2011
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R2Games is very happy to disclose that the open beta testing for Crystal Saga commences on September 1st at 4:30pm EST. Ready to accept all gamers, Crystal Saga is regarded as a polished free-to-play browser MMORPG. To sign up for the open beta testing, make sure you sign in or sign up for a brand new account. To commemorate the official beta kick off, R2Games has organized several promotional events!

• Crazy XP Hour! - Want a bonus experience boost? Experience boost will be provided two times a day during the initial 72 hours of our open beta date!

• Spread the Good Word! - Inform your family and friends regarding Crystal Saga and get in-game incentives.

• It Pays to Contribute - Compose and post Crystal Saga game guides and acquire marvelous rewards.

• Legends of Vidalia - Contend for that top rank and get Crystal rewards!

• Daily Recharge Bonus - For a short time, get an extra bonus pack when buying certain Crystal amounts.

There are even more in-game events coming your way. Be sure to check out the Crystal Saga website at: