Article published on Wednesday, August 31st, 2011
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Coming from the creators of Steel Legions and Pirate Galaxy, the award winning Hamburg developer Splitscreen Studios declares the highly anticipated launch of the closed beta stage of the free to play 3D browser game Dino Storm. The beta test stage of the outstanding science fiction american journey gets going on October 12, 2011, and anybody who has an interest may sign-up today for one limited and fiercely desired tester spots for the closed beta.

Within the guidance of the Sheriff, gamers in Dino Storm attempt to seek out the wicked rogues, that do not shy from thievery, arson as well as burglary in their hunger for gold and therefore are intimidating the occupants of DinoVille. This online game is founded on Splitscreen Studios’ robust development framework, specifically made for MMO games. Having flourishing wealth of mankind, crooks have become a severe threat to the security of DinoVille’s inhabitants. Driven by the town’s sheriff, top level rangers have taken the obligation of maintaining the peace within the town. All of these brave folks created a peace force, prepared to regulate dinosaurs of incredible strength even within overwhelming conditions. Loaded with laser cannons, humans and dinosaur combine to become an extraordinary weapon. These rangers form teams to search for the most wanted offenders - Dead or Alive.