Article published on Wednesday, August 24th, 2011
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The top free-to-play game publisher gPotato is ecstatic to present its latest project, science fantasy MMORPG Sevencore, for the American market! Developed from a crew of industry experts at newly established studio Noria, Sevencore delivers exhilarating mounted fights as well as in depth personalization in a shining, tale driven encounter. The revolutionary game will offer comprehensive customization involving characters along with a distinctive focus on mounts. Ride on a number of vehicles or even animals straight to war on sea, land, or sky, in addition to harnessing a variety of extraordinary skills tailor-made for the gamer’s individual style. Characters carry their diverseness in to the blend by armor, spells, plus weapons distinctive to every culture as well as class.

Sevencore also will involve gamers inside a strong and interesting storytale exclusive to each and every character’s race and faction. Culture and history come to life through the number of quests that creatively loosen up the events which have influenced the globe in to its current state. Discover a post apocalyptic society in which sophisticated technologies mingle with historical structures to develop a world unlike anything you have seen before. Sevencore is scheduled for 2012 release.