Article published on Monday, August 22nd, 2011
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Sunnyvale, Calif. - Top online free to play game publisher, GamesCampus, reported recently that it’s going to take control of the North American service for the free-to-play martial arts MMO, 9Dragons, at the moment operating under Gamersfirst. GamesCampus will merit the relocation of every current account and every one of the official items garnered or bought in the game is going to be moved to the new server if participants opt-in ahead of September 15th. GamesCampus’ service will kick off on September 20th.

Gamers can decide to opt-in from the 9Dragons website at then simply just either sign up for a new GamesCampus account or work with their existing account to validate their very own 9Dragons account data at

The release of 9Dragons North American service on commencing on September 20th - is going to showcase the brand new region, Tibet. This particular region will incorporate even more quests and content per faction, several weapons plus an Occupation War. Furthermore, GamesCampus will even re-open the highly desired PvP system, Storm
vs. Storm.

"We are looking forward to welcoming faithful North American players to Games Campus and experiencing the difference our community offers,"
said Uyen Uyen Ton Nu, head of Marketing for GamesCampus. "9Dragons is a thrilling, action-packed MMO and the new Tibet region and all its exciting content is a great addition to the game and is the first of many updates and new content we plan to offer."

Every gamer that has a 9Dragons account at need to opt-in prior to September 15th to keep their existing account at Immediately following September 15th, gamers will need to create a new account at GamesCampus.