Article published on Sunday, August 21st, 2011
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Views: 2755 has reached a major milestone today as we made our way into the 5th year since the grand opening of our website! For those who are new to our community, we warmly welcome you. But let me take you back a few years before all started. Before was established, I created a fan site called SealTheLove for the upcoming free-to-play anime MMORPG Seal Online. I got the name Seal The Love (STL) from the catchy song in their game trailer (watch the video below). It was perhaps 7 years ago when I was a high school student. Sadly, the game was delayed for a very long time as we waited for almost 2 years for its US launch so I made the decision to transition the STL site into a new community that covered all free-to-play MMOs on August 21st, 2006.

This new community ended up being If it wasn’t for the delay of Seal Online, wouldn’t have existed. Keep in mind, back then there weren’t many free-to-play games like there are today however I could still recall Nexon, K2 Network (Gamersfirst) and a few other free-to-play game companies that were operating in North America during that time. In 2010, I made the decision to revamp the website as we saw much need for it. In 2011, I updated our forum and added new categories. Today (exactly 5 years later), we have almost 20,000 registered members, over 5,000 twitter followers, 4,000 facebook likes and continue to receive tens of thousands of unique visitors per month and growing. I have devoted a lot of my personal time into this website and I bet you did too.

I am very grateful for your support!

Here is the announcement I wrote on the forums:

"Five years ago, the MMO game industry was centered around the tradition where the gamer had to pay a fee to enjoy an online game. Today it is a different story and I am proud to be a part of it. We are seeing more and more online games popping up every month that is free to play and less of the other. is the first free to play MMO game community providing the latest news about free MMOs to gamers. Although "free to play" and "F2P" isn’t a household name yet, it can very well be one in the next coming years as large players like Microsoft, Ubisoft, EA and Sony Online are stepping in. has helped make it a growing trend among gamers today and we won’t stop here. We will keep pushing and supporting this industry until not only your friends know about it but your future grandchildren too!

We would like to thank all our visitors and members who supported us throughout the years. If it weren’t for you (the gamers), the free-to-play game companies who brought the business model to North America and the large MMO communities who followed this niche, who knows what the online game market would be like today. Thank you for helping us share free to play MMOs to all the gamers who had trouble paying for online games or committing to a monthly subscription fee.

Cheers to you!"

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