Article published on Saturday, August 20th, 2011
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Free to play MMORPG Salem from Paradox Interactive and Seatribe has picked up a great audience of curiosity from the Gamescom show in Cologne. In the latest Paradox Interactive press meeting the developers unveiled specifics regarding Salem’s economic system. Salem is planned for a Second Quarter, 2012 launch.

“The economy will be based around a store owned by the "game" that players can trade and purchase items from, " explained Björn Johannessen, Creative Director. "When trading you’ll receive silver based on the value of the resource traded. With this silver you can then buy inaccessible resources or ones you don’t want to spend time gathering. The store will also offer the option to buy silver with real world currency. It’s key for us that all items will be purchasable with the in-game silver only, so all players, whether playing for free or not, can buy any item for sale ."

Salem is becoming recognized by its contentious permadeath attribute, an innovative feature for the free to play MMORPG that presents genuine threat as gamers drive further within the new world, along with providing players better management for their towns in addition to frontier justice in a deadly PvP setting. Tranquil farming towns must stay wary, as these people discover their own life-style flipped horribly by witchcraft, robbery or also homicide.