Article published on Friday, August 19th, 2011
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Reality Squared Games also referred to as R2Games reveals its newest 2.5D free to play browser MMORPG, Crystal Saga. It doesn’t only present you with a large virtual world, but in addition includes a fascinating as well as comprehensive storyline. Reality Squared Games is a rapidly thriving worldwide browser game publishing corporation that aims to deliver worthwhile games in the free to play market. Launched not too long ago, R2Games is in the operation of creating a flourishing community of online players.

Crystal Saga is currently in alpha beta stage. Testing is accessible for all existing participants and it is scheduled to go on for 2 weeks. Participants may pick from 5 offered classes: Mage (Magic DPS, AoE), Priest (Healer, Support), Paladin (Tank, Melee DPS), Ranger (Control, Ranged DPS) and also Rogue (Stealth, Melee DPS). Travel and uncover the vast selection of mounts, items and weaponry. Look for a party and defeat wild critters and barbarians, earning honor and equipment to help you level. Acquire a gamut of obtainable pets, supporting you and your party in combat. Get involved in countless day by day contests, events as well as dungeons that Crystal Saga provides.