Article published on Thursday, August 18th, 2011
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Acony recently declared that their innovative AAA F2P FPS game Hedone will be stepping into closed beta on August 24th! Hedone was developed by FPS fanatics with the idea of providing a game showing the high quality of a top dollar game title totally free. Hedone complies with all of the demands expected from a next gen AAA free to play FPS game and also boasts a dedicated client-server environment to make sure that game play experience will not be jeopardized. ACONY promises to develop a totally new community experience for FPS game enthusiasts around the world. The game intrigues with its astonishingly premium quality, its unlimited selections for customization, along with a great storyline!

Hedone provides a very unique experience from all the other FPS games. The player makes its way into the playing field of a combat game show that is broadcasted globally for your greatest enjoyment, then fulfills your hunger for your own fame in a fast paced, action packed shootout televised to spectators in real time around the globe. Gamers can consistently strengthen as well as personalize their own character plus acquire enticing and researched weapons systems while they battle.