Article published on Wednesday, August 17th, 2011
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Gamepot USA has recently added Alteil to their network of free to play games which was formerly operated by Media Blasters, LLC. The English version of Japan’s number 1 Online Card Game: Alteil is a Japanese fantasy game driven by card dueling, now translated in English and published in the United States. Created by leading Japanese fantasy artists, painters and Manga-ka within the supervision of Takuji Asanuma, author and director of Star Ocean as well as Valkyrie Profile. Every player will get 50 free cards to begin with, in addition you may play mini games for even more free cards day-to-day. Purchasing cards from the cashier tab will cost you around 10 cents per card only. Alteil is not just a card dueling game. Whenever unit cards are played out they appear on a battle grid, where they can attack, move, use range, spells or special abilities, similar to a unit tactics game. The tips to triumph are resource management, battleground strategies and clever combinations. Alteil facilitates Chat, friends lists, Guilds, Forums, and a full Avatar system.

Alteil is a web browser based online card game presently accessible in Japanese and English with over 850,000 registered players. The character and card artwork were designed by over 40 prominent Japanese illustrators including Hitoshi Yoneda, Katsuya Terada, Jun Kawasaki, Rei and Yuji Kaida. Their valuable creations and illustrations have appeared in renowned projects like Tekken 5, Duel Masters, Code Geass the manga, Blood the last Vampire, Xanadu, the Gundam models and the American Hellboy movie.