Article published on Tuesday, August 16th, 2011
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Gamigo, RealU and dtp entertainment has unveiled Otherland, an upcoming free to play action MMORPG in line with the virtual reality novels by top selling writer Tad Williams scheduled for release in 2012. Your quest through Otherland will take you to awe-inspiring and everchanging worlds, full of superb detail on account of the latest Unreal engine. Throughout Otherland, you are able to have control over action packed fights and take pleasure in the revolutionary RPG character development system along with a splendid storyline tied with plenty of cut scenes - without having monthly subscription fees!

Be a part of a legendary war within the medieval "Eight Squared" simulation and discover the secrets to the "Mars" simulation. Meet up with other gamers in the pubs of "Lambda Mall" to relax and play one of several mini games. Or you can utilize "MyLand" to create your own personal world where you acquire eDNA out of the creatures and also objects you discover so you can replicate them on your own means.