Article published on Monday, August 15th, 2011
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As the Dota 2 Championships gets underway, a few screenshots were leaked out just 2 days prior to the big debut at gamescom 2011. The Dota 2 Championships which starts on August 17 to 21, at gamescom 2011 in Cologne, Germany was the intended location where the game was supposed to be revealed publicly for the very first time. Having said that, someone on a Chinese Dota 2 discussion board ( had posted leaked screenshots of the game which has been spreading among many gaming sites.

The Dota 2 Championships will have 16 of the most elite teams around the world competing against each other for a $1 million US dollar prize. The teams participating in the competition are: GGnet (Europe), MYM (Denmark), Na` Vi (Ukraine), iG (China), Virus (France), TyLOO (China), (Europe), M5 (Russia), MiTH-Trust (Thailand), EHOME (China), StarsBoBa (Vietnam), (China), nevo (Denmark), Scythe.SG (Singapore), MUFC (Malaysia) and Mineski.Infinity (Philippines). In the leaked screenshots, you can see Doombringer, Shadow Fiend and a list of heroes. On top of that, Valve has also released their debut trailer for Dota 2 which claims to take the distinctive mix of online RTS and RPG action that has rendered Dota well known by tens of millions of gamers world wide.