Article published on Wednesday, August 10th, 2011
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Sunnyvale, Calif. – The summer months are in full swing as the events keep adding up in free-to-play MMORPG Luna Plus. Starting August 10th, impressive items valued at $100 total are obtainable for all new and returning gPotato players to delight in by simply signing in or being the top fisherman of the Blue Land!

Getting prizes is a breeze throughout the Lunaplication event. By signing in for only 1 hour per day, on a daily basis, right up until August 31st, participants can acquire amazing quantities of dual potions, ancient apparel boxes, super philosopher stones, plus much more! Maintain perfect attendance following the 1st week and the rewards will grow, in fact triple in quantity. Goods intended for multiplication consist of:

· One Day: Dual Potion (2400) x10
· Two Days in a row: Nostrum Case
· Three Days in a row: Lucky 77 Gen 2
· Four Days in a row: Elevated Enchant Protect
· Five Days in a row: Super Philosopher Stone
· Six Days in a row: Ancient Apparel Box
· Seven Days in a row: Blessed Pukerian Scroll

Earn a lot more useful items using a fishing pole while you Keep the Blue Land Blue. The Nera Royal Research Center is providing incentives to the Blue Land residents who fish Shiny Garbage right out the Alker Farm Region. The very first ten participants to do this every single day till August 17th is going to earn helpful Costume Combination Cubes. Furthermore, all fisherman is going to be entered in a grand raffle with the opportunity to win 5 Ancient Apparel Boxes along with your desired Advanced Pet.

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