Article published on Tuesday, August 9th, 2011
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Views: 5789 and ALT1 Games has partnered together to hand out 500 ALT1 Coins (a $5 value) to 2,500 lucky beta testers who register using a key below.

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Step 1: Follow us on Facebook.
Step 2: Visit Troy Online and create a free account.
Step 3: Go to your email account and check your email. You should have an e-mail from ALT1 Games USA explaining the next steps of the process. Click the link to finish creating your account.
Step 4: Download the game client by clicking the “Game Download” button.
Step 5: Enter your username, gender, where you received this key (, then your security question & answer.
Step 6: Log into the Troy Online official website.
Step 7: Go to shop page and select the coupon section.
Step 8: Enter your beta key in Beta Event Key Redemption box on coupon page.
Step 9: Login to the game and enjoy your reward!

Players may use the ALT1 Coins to try out Troy Online’s cash shop. Now, items can be carried over to the commercial version of Troy Online, however the redeemed ALT1 Coins will expire.

Troy Online, the upcoming free to play MMO of ALT1 Games, has unveiled the regimen as well as accessible features for the very last beta test, an open beta test. ALT1 Games, the American branch of Korean gaming company ALT1, has launched 2 games within 2011 however is concentrating mainly on Troy Online.

Troy Online’s open beta test will commence on Aug 12th, 2011, at 11 AM PDT (UTC -7) and continue for 7 days. This is the final test prior to the online game makes its way to commercial release on August 19, 2011. ALT1 Games is going to be completing all systems within the Troy Online game as well as the website plus the ALT1 Coin system. Extra features will be added as well, including an area for members of each factions to battle one another and form groups to deal with powerful monsters. There will even be modified battle systems and also more battlefields. 2nd class skills in addition to abilities happen to be enhanced too.

Throughout the open beta, Troy is going to have open general, class, bug, and support forums to encourage community interactions. Troy mods are going to be productive all through the test equally in game and also on the forums, searching to reply to user comments and suggestions.

ALT 1 Games will conclude the open beta test on Aug 18th at 10 PM PDT and plan to launch a commercial version of the game the following day.