Article published on Monday, August 8th, 2011
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Sunnyvale, CA – Tales Runner, the most popular free-to-play racing MMO game from gPotato, is excited to declare the appearance of their latest character: Yuki the Ninja Girl! Accessible on August 4th, the gifted Yuki is surely an essential companion to the newest chapter within the Tales Runner saga, Chaos: The New Beginning.

A ninja taught ever since birth, Yuki’s hunt for stamina brought her to the Dark Ball, a piece of Chaos. In attempting to grasp the Dark Ball, she unintentionally triggered her loved ones to vanish! Her sorrow now heats up a freewheeling search to recuperate the Dark Ball and by using it, her lost family members. This girl has visited the Tales Land to battle Chaos and proceed her hunt for the cursed artifact.

To celebrate its latest and highly awaited character, Tales Runner is organizing an exclusive “First Time Buyer” event. Through August 1st to August 31st, anybody who purchases cash items for the first time ever is entitled to win incredible in-game gifts including the in demand Eagle Lucky Box, the scarce Golden Hammer, and the devilish character Jin.

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