Article published on Saturday, August 6th, 2011
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Sunnyvale, Calif. – Aika Online roll-outs a brand new era with the release of Epic II: Exodus on August 11, 2011, the 1st expansion to this highly praised free-to-play MMORPG. Beginning August 11th, those daring enough to contest the completely new island of Traband will discover a frosty wilderness crammed with powerful enemies, difficult quests, as well as increasingly warring factions. The struggle that looked like it was finished has barely started, so decide on your nation and be part of the war right now!

• All New Zone: Traband was once a warm and wonderful island - prior to the Dark Legion who constructed a floating metropolis that drew the heat out of it, transforming it down into a freezing wasteland that solely the most aggressive monsters thrive. Right now, the players of Aika need to attack to recover the island and also preserve it from the shadowy forces that jeopardize its folks.
• Higher Level Cap: Combat your path to the greater level cap of 75 plus receive spanking new skills in addition to items that will enhance your strength.
• Great New Mounts: Epic II presents new mounts for every class, from the Rainbow Catacorn to the Black Metal Velostrom.
• Tower Wars: Nations fight to take power over the 3 towers in Traband. The nation that takes over all 3 gets entry to a unique area and is not afflicted with debuffs by the ancient towers!

Get ready for the Epic!
Practice for those match ups coming up by engaging in Aika’s pre-launch bonus events. Newbies and veteran players may take comfort of XP boosts and earn free items to get ready for the update.

• Triple XP: Participate in Aika Online from August 5th to August 9th to obtain 3 times the XP as well as buff up your character in prep work for the completely new challenges of Aika’s Epic II.
• Have Fun Playing for Benefits: Earn awards for each and every day you engage in Aika from now to August 11th with Aika’s Play for Rewards summer event. You will get better prizes as you play more and more. Skipped a couple of days already? Anyone can continue to be part of the fun! Publish fan videos or kill your opponents to gain additional days of prizes.
• Seek Out Your Foes: Wipe out your enemies and gather their skulls to key in a fantastic raffle for awesome weapons, items, and even more! Boost the fame of your nation by confiscating the great prize, a distinctive weapon that solely the most powerful can own. Every skull you acquire increases your opportunity of winning!