Article published on Friday, August 5th, 2011
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Dublin, Ireland – Riot Games, the online game company responsible for League of Legends, revealed League of Legends: Dominion, a spanking new upcoming capture-and-hold game mode for the popular MOBA title! Just around the corner, Dominion includes unlimited action, persistent PvP battles, tactical teamwork, and overwhelming competition performed with a completely new map, the Crystal Scar.

“We asked our millions ofplayers around the world to expect the unexpected in 2011 - and with League of Legends: Dominion, we’re making good on that promise,” said Marc Merrill, president of Riot Games and executive producer of League of Legends. “Dominion brings something completely original to the MOBA genre, taking the proven fun of League of Legends’ team-based competition with a diverse roster of champions, and unleashing them on a new battlefield with entirely new rules.”

League of Legends: Dominion offers:

Capture-and-hold game mode: Summoners struggle it out for command of 5 distinctive tactical targets, taking points from the opposition as well as protecting them from adversary attacks.
A great new map: The battle in Dominion occurs in the Crystal Scar, an extremely fought for, war tattered mine town showcasing breathtaking unique art crafted exclusively for the brand new map.
Hectic action: Dominion is a faster edition of traditional League of Legends gameplay - games last about 20 minutes only, so players can delight in a speedier choice to the more tactical, calculated speed of Summoner’s Rift.
Unlimited combat: From starting point to the end of the line, gamers will take pleasure in unwavering brawls while they strive for command of the map - in Dominion, Summoners can anticipate a barrage of 1 on 1 and smaller team battles.
Last moment victories: Games of Dominion are aggressive throughout the entire match - comebacks are feasible and the final result is constantly in question.
Fully free-to-play: Just like traditional League of Legends, Dominion is entirely free-to-play for newcomers and seasoned Summoners. Gamers could use all their present runes, masteries, skins and champions on Dominion.

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